01 May 2013

Wonder what month 9 has in store for us

WOW month 8 was a HUGE month for this little one. 

He has been doing the worm to crawl for a while and he knows he is pretty quick when he does it. However he has been experimenting with actually crawling. He has to look at his knees moving so he is slow and if he wants something quickly he will just drop back to his belly and zoom on over but its so cute to see him try and figure out how his arms and legs work.

He has also been standing IF I put him there. No more for me placing him there. He now knows how to pull up on things. He loves to stand any chance he gets. If he is laying down there is no way he will just sit himself up (I have only seen him sit up twice). He will instead flip over to his belly so he can crawl somewhere or so he can pull up on something to stand.

Speaking of him pulling up to things to stand. There is no way he will just stand there. He has to be on the move so this means he is already cruising! He will walk along anything as long as he can hold on and he is already trying to figure out how to climb up on things. He will also walk if you hold onto is hands. He sure is going to be keeping me on my toes and will be walking here pretty soon.

With all of this development happening this month he wasn't done with new things yet. He is now sporting two pearly whites at the bottom of his mouth! Two little teeth poked through and he has already bitten me a couple of times. 

He makes sounds for daddy, JJ, and is starting his momma sound. Everything else is a jumble of short syllables and low screams and giggles.

He continues to be a very happy baby. I am so blessed. He has only been really cranky a few times where nothing was making him happy all day and those always corresponded with is teeth. He just really feels the need to cry or whine. I even pinched his little lip in his car seat clip and he just whined a little bit and then forgot about it. I felt horrible as I made his lip bleed and I fully expected a screaming fit because it had to hurt but he was just over it so quickly.

Wonder what new things he will be doing this 9 month of his life.

22 April 2013

PCS time is here

It feels incredibly weird to PCS now. We were married in 2004 when he was stationed at Fort Sam Houston in Texas and we quickly moved around for a while. Texas is where our married life began and we also learned our oldest son was on the way.

After leaving Texas in 2005 I lived in Indiana (with family) during a deployment before joining hubby in Germany with our new baby boy. There were two different post in Germany. The first place he was stationed there was closed down. I knew we would be moving shortly after him coming home so I didn't unpack much. Germany was where we added two fur babies to our family (Jerry Lee and Molly). Germany was also where we learned about CHD (congenital heart defect) and our oldest son's heart was repaired.

Then there was a brief stint in Virginia. We asked to be stationed there so we could be closer to family after living all the way in Germany for a couple of years. I happily moved here and found a daycare and job.  I was still unpacking our house when I found out everything needed to be packed back up.

When he received his orders to go to Oklahoma I was beyond mad. I had just gotten settled (well technically there were still boxes that needed unpacking!) I didn't want to move to the middle of nowhere and it was further from family. Now almost 5 years later and its so bittersweet to be leaving. I will miss some many friends here and our little farm.
We bought our first house in Oklahoma. We gained experience raising some farm animals. Our oldest started school and we were blessed with the birth of our second boy.

I cant wait to see what Kentucky will have to offer.

12 April 2013

J.J. (my biggest army brat)

JJ continues to amaze me. He has lived in 5 different house and will soon move to his 6th house and he is only 7 1/2 years old. His dad left him for the first time when he was just 3 days old and that was when he was introduced to what a deployment was although he cant remember it. His dad saw him again at 3 months and then didn't get to see him again till the day after his first birthday.  Since then J.J. has been through another deployment and countless other reasons why his dad has to be away.

He is so attached to his dad. Their bond is so incredibly strong and he is so proud of his dad as well. J.J. just recently has decided he wants to grow up and be a soldier. When I asked him why thinking he was going to tell me because that is what his dad does he took me by surprise. He answered because I want to help people. I was so touched. He doesn't always get to have daddy at special events or special occasions like other kids around him (he isn't around other military children much where we live) but he is so proud of what his dad does. I know he misses him like crazy but he hardly ever complains when daddy leaves. This whole situation is so normal to him. I also see that when daddy is around he loves being able to do things together. He doesn't take for granted that his dad his here.

I took him out of school early back in Nov so he could be there when daddy was promoted. I have never seen him so excited over something. JJ actually cried during the ceremony because he was so proud of his dad!  He was the one who put the new rank on and he still sleeps with the old rank he got that day.  His dad also gave him a patrol cap with old rank on it and he also sleeps with that. He got a daddy doll during the last deployment and when daddy is gone that doll goes practically everywhere with him but even when daddy is here he must have daddy doll in bed.

The downside of military life is missing daddy and not being able to be around other family as much as we like but there are also many benefits and great things to learn about this life and I know they will strive through it all.

JJ is also an amazing big brother. He will quickly jump in to play with Keegan to keep him occupied for me and help me do thing around the house (although not all the time is he pleasant and willing to help but most of the time he is).  He is all the time talking and making sure Keegan is ok and wanting to hold him. He also gets so excited when Keegan does something new. I LOVE how happy he is watching Keegan learn new things. I know as JJ gets older he will be there to help his brother with anything he needs and I hope Keegan knows how lucky he is to have him as a big brother.

11 April 2013

Keegan (my littlest army brat)

( 2 weeks old, this diaper is the same one in his 8 month photo)

He is a little over 8 months old and has only known this home. He will soon know moves and daddy being gone but for now things are pretty constant in his little world. For the first few months of his life there was some field time where daddy was gone but he wont remember any of that. When Keegan was a little over 3 months old his dad was promoted. This meant that daddy has to go through some schooling which means that he is actually home at a "normal" time or home super early. We longed for Keegan to join our home and he couldn't have come at a better time to allow daddy to experience what babyhood is all about. He has been able to see Keegan grow from day one and experience him crawling for the first time and starting to walk for the first time and getting his first tooth. All those first baby things he missed out on with big brother.

Keegan is gearing up to move to his 2nd home soon. He will just slightly be a little older than big brother was when he moved for the first time too. We know there is going to come a time when daddy will miss something in Keegan's life but for now I am relishing in the blessing that he is here with our boys. When that time comes when daddy has to miss out Keegan has the best big brother on the planet to help him through.

Keegan is my happy little man. Everywhere we go someone comments about his smile. You just have talk to him and he will instantly grin from ear to ear with his little dimple. He is pretty much happy all the time as long as someone is paying attention to him. He only cries when he is hungry or tired. He is turning into a little momma boy. He wants me to hold him all the time and hates when I leave his sight. With that being said every time daddy comes home there is that grin again. Daddy doesn't have to talk to him to get him to smile. All Keegan has to do is see Daddy and he breaks out in a big grin. There is a little bottom tooth that is trying so hard to pop up. I can see white right below the surface but it just hasn't broke through yet and it looks to be another little bump right next to that one as well. He says dadadadada all day long and loves to babble! He has mastered his little crawl (he drags his body with his arms) and would rather stand all day than sit anywhere. He loves music and loves to jump. He constantly has to be moving and has started to cruise on furniture and even will take a few steps if you hold his hands. He doesn't sleep the greatest but neither did his big brother. I am still cloth diapering him and have even started cloth wipes! He is still on breastmilk as well and has just started eating some food here and there. He HATES veggies and loves fruits. He also LOVES pasta.

He is growing up in a blink of an eye but I am so beyond grateful for him to be in our lives. I am just trying to soak all of these years up because I know they go by way to quickly.

The last photo I uploaded of him and tentwinkles was when he was 3 months old so here is 4,5,6,7, and 8 months!
4 months
5 months
6 months
7 months
8 months
(He is standing on his own but only if I place him there. He will only crawl over to something and pull up to his knees unless he is holding onto my hands then he will put his feet under him. I have also only saw him sit up from being flat on his back once but he is reclining a little already then he can sit up on his own.)


31 October 2012

Finally at peace

I can not even begin to describe how blessed I feel. There were days I never thought this picture would exist. I tried my hardest to be fine with my body and never having another child but it never felt complete.  I wanted more than anything to be happy as a mom of an only child but I never was truly at peace with that. I know there are people out there that struggle with having even one baby and I always felt guilty over feeling bad that I wanted another child. I felt like my bad feelings of never having another baby were somehow saying our son wasnt good enough for us. I am so happy that JJ came into our lives when he did and I love him more than anything but I wanted to expand our family. Seeing him upset over wanting a sibling made me even angrier at my body and it not working like it should. I am not sure we are done having babies. I cant foresee if my body is going to surprise us again or if this is it. However if this is the picture of our completed family I can say I am finally at peace.